Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumn Promise: Russet Leaves, Rusty Blogging

First order of business, a promise for autumn. With a new year of jewellery classes unfurling possibilities like fiery leaves departing the trees I'm making a resolution. I am determined to make this the year to make more and share more.

There's some tumbleweed rattling around this here blog due to extreme neglect, but I'm back to set that straight and bring it back to life! The good news is that I kept up some good habits workshop-wise over the summer so do have a couple of shiny things up my sleeve. You'll have to stay tuned for when they tumble out.

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Big toasty warm autumnal wishes - hope that you're all embracing the delights of the season - fruit crumbles, custard, knitwear and long walks in the countryside. SSx

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