Monday, 27 May 2013

Flower Power

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! This is it - bonus time :) Hope you've all been having lots of fun and enjoying the glorious sunshine.

My weekend has been wonderful, thanks for asking! I've been running and walking, writing and sewing, taking lots of pictures and spending quality time with Mr S. We went for a great little pub dinner one night, had beauteous toasted sourdough sandwiches at our fave Cambridge cafe today and ate ice creams in the sunshine. Marital happiness = lots of good eats, basically.

But y'know what's even better than ice cream in the sunshine... Nothing!

No, only kidding, it's flowers! I am so happy to see all the blooms. Over the past few weeks our flower beds have been carpeted in clouds of tiny blue forget me nots. My riverside running route is ablaze in vibrant yellow buttercups and the hedgerows are bursting with luscious green leaves and fine hazy blossom.

This only goes to remind me that I haven't yet shared with you one of my signature SS pieces - my flower power earrings! So, here goes, hope you like them...
These have become an integral part of my daily wardrobe - I wear them all the time! That way even with the unpredictable English weather I can have a bit of spring with me whatever the skies bring ;)

In terms of making, these were great fun. They are shaped sheet so I got to do some more sawing (love! love! love!), they were my first go at etching and I shaped them using the doming block. They were also my first attempt at attaching an earring post - a slightly precarious occupation, but I got there in the end. With a little help from my far steadier-handed tutor.

Right - off to enjoy what remains of this lovely extra weekend day!


  1. I love your pix almost as much as your earrings! x

  2. Thanks lovely lady! Hope you've been enjoying some fine weather and flowers too :) x