Friday, 17 May 2013


Hello lovelies! After being spoilt rotten with some unseasonal warmth, colour and brightness in November going back to UK-GRAY has taken its toll. I think that's why I've fallen head over heels for the colour YELLOW. Heretofore it hasn't been prominent on my personal colour chart whilst red orange and hot pink have been all the rage. Anyway, if like me you are in need of a big fat colour boost (btw - that is everyone in the UK right now) then savour in the happy yellow goodness below.

Also, a little boastful I know, but I'm proud of the fact that Mr S and I made the chair which features in some of the pictures yellow with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in English Yellow of course.

I wish you all a bright colourful and fun weekend!


  1. Loving all the yellow - it's very cheery and perfect after all the dull grey weather! I always forget I how much I like yellow too (though I can't wear it as it makes me look jaundiced!). Xx

  2. Thanks QQ ;) I am equally foiled in any intentions or hopes to wear yellow. It's just for admiration from afar! x