Saturday, 4 May 2013


I'm learning all about mixed media in my current jewellery class. This is awesome! I'm experimenting with texture and colour and will hopefully finish one of the projects I enigmatically started last October (no I haven't forgotten/given up!). It's great to have a chance to dig around for inspiration and things to accompany the metals as well as just jumping in to PLAY.

I'm an avid lover of coastal walks and often return home with a pocket full of salty treasures. I can't help but pick up a smooth sea beaten stone or perfectly carved shell. One such find had been accompanying me to class for a couple of years and it's time had finally come. When my tutor proposed rivets - a means of attaching metal to other material without heat - the stone suddenly became a piece of jewellery (in my mind!). I had a vision of a bug perching jauntily atop the pebble and promptly set to work sketching and, of course, my all time fave - piercing :)

Sawing that fiddly little bee-st was no walk in the park mind you, and despite my piercework passion I went through more saw blades than I care to mention. I'm still mulling whether I can use this as another argument in my case for absolutely NEEDING this - the world's sexiest saw frame, oh and the most expensive too.

Sadly another bit of kit let me down (I know a bad workwoman and her tools etc, but...). The drill bits in our workshop were not the sharpest in the box and after winning the battle with the bee, I lost the war with the stone :(. My attempt had worked but had taken a chunk out of the back. In the spirit of experimentation I persevered. I was delighted my first time riveting worked but in the process a crack developed on the already weakened back.
So, I now have to decide whether to consider this a test piece or shore up the back somehow. If I do give it some TLC I think it could make a rather nice brooch. Or maybe I'll start over with some silver. 

What do you guys think? Any riveting stories to share?

Happy Bank Holiday to any lovely UK folk out there - enjoy the SUNSHINE :)

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