Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oh so succulents!

Ok, I've been completely sucked in! During the Easter weekend I finally gave in and joined the fabulous company of a couple of my favourite lady bloggers Wit and Whistle and A Beautiful Mess in embracing succulents! :)

This was in large part inspired by a very happy mother-daughter drawing day at Cambridge University Botanic Gardens. To shelter from the wintry conditions we hid out in the greenhouses and I fell in love in the Alpine collection...

Beauteous and wonderful shapes and shades.

To bring a little bit of this natural wonder into the Silversmith home I put together a little collection in a simple shallow terracota bowl and covered with some dark decorative pebble stuff (that's the technical term).
I'm really rather pleased with my efforts. It's cheering up what had been a rather bleak spot in our bathroom and who knows, perhaps some of these wild shapes will hold some jewellery design inspiration! 


What about you guys? Do you love succulents? Are you more into the spiky charms of the cacti? Have you ever been inspired by visiting gardens? Or have you designed jewellery inspired by flora and fauna? I'd love to hear from you...

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