Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The JOY of making for friends :)

Q: What's better than making silver jewellery?
A: Making silver jewellery for loved ones

True story! 

One of my dearest and most utterly fabulous friends has just got married. It was a beautiful and sunny day, the venue decked out in a host of vibrant daffodils and ranunculus. The bride was breathtaking in an elegant gown and pin curled hair. The moment she walked in the room brought a tear to my eye. The groom had a big green van and was presented with a welcome to the family sausage hanging device! Everyone joined in a rousing rendition of 'Fly Me to the Moon'. Guests enjoyed games on the lawn after the ceremony, a gourmet picnic dinner and a whole lot of dancing :) 

And I need to obtain the recipe for the chocolate mousse!

But the best bit?

I made a wedding band for my friend :) 

I even got the size right! ;)

I haven't got pictures of the actual ring, which is currently enjoying all the surprises of being on honeymoon and newly married life. Perhaps the bride or her super talented photographer sister will oblige us with a couple of pictures in due course...?!

Meanwhile I can share a couple of pictures of the prototype which is very similar - a fine hammered d wire band...

I can't recommend making something so special highly enough. Made with love. A joy and a privilege!

ps. See here for the crazy fun times we had on the hen do! ;)
pps. Any of you guys have any silversmith love stories to share?! 

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