Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Bench of Opportunity

As the air turns chill and crisp, the leaves slide from green into yellow, red orange and brown (then fall off!) new life begins in classrooms everywhere. New scholarly life with new pencil cases, new ideas and in my case a very special new item. It is my pleasure to introduce and share the love of my very own new jewellery bench.

The bench is an amazing surprise that my wonderful husband, Mr Silversmith, organised for my birthday. On that weekend we headed off to Paris and enjoyed strolling along the boulevards, eating some wonderful French food and taking in the scenery. When we got back I was invited to accompany Mr S to our shed on the auspices of procuring some ice cream. Slightly baffled by this formal request (particularly as it was rather late and we had already eaten heartily) I consented. When I opened the door, this beautiful lovingly beribboned object was awaiting me...

Readers, I was lost for words! The picture says it all though. Mr S and I have spruced our shed up a little - clearing out some of ye olde detritus so there's more room and given it a splash of paint. We've installed a little heater so that I can make good use of it in the winter.

I christened the bench a couple of weeks ago in preparation for my new term of classes and had such a lovely and exciting couple of hours. I listened to some music, burned a candle and huddled over my work and a cup of tea. Perfection! 

I am so looking forward to kitting my studio out with tools and spending lots of time with my new bench, using new ideas and making new things :)

S.S. x

ps. and, as if that wasn't exciting enough, the new season has heralded a wonderful shiny pair of new boots! Yippee...!


  1. A silversmithing bench and new boots (and gorgeous ones at that). I can't think of much better - what a wonderful surprise!

  2. :) Thanks Silver Moss. I love your post on photographing jewellery - excellent tips there. The photos of your work are beautiful - very tactile and enticing!

  3. Your hubby rocks. 'nuff said!