Sunday, 19 August 2012

Workshop Wishlist

What is up with the academic year and evening classes? The one time of the year when evenings are lighter folk have more energy, and time (depending on career/ family status) and... nothing doing. I get it - we all need a break. Lots of (normal) people go on holiday. Courses run at educational venues (schools and colleges) need access. But, as I am yet to make my fortune and own a well stocked studio/forge/shed brimming with tools, I find myself dreaming of hammering, pickling, sawing and blowtorching happily away once more.

So, I thought I'd use a little bit of this down time to work up a crafty appetite. Here are my top 10 most lusted after workshops. Hopefully, down the line (fortune somewhat dependent), I'll be reporting back on just how awesome they actually are!

1. Ferric Fusion, Blacksmithing Course. Aka the Welsh, non-jewellery, non-silver one
Yes, so a meandering away from silver and jewellery, but still metal working, and much desired by both myself and Mr Silversmith since I read this here Guardian article:

2. Colourful Aluminium Jewellery with Lindsey Mann, Sussex Jewellery School. Aka the colourful one of course!
I really fancy having a play with all the wonderful colours that can be manipulated when anodizing aluminium. Sadly, this particular date won't be happening, because I'll be overseas!

3. Narrative Jewellery, a Personal Story, West Dean College. Aka the one that ties up my love of jewellery making, books and stories.

4. Architectural Jewellery, West Dean College. Aka the one that appeals to my figurative approach to jewellery making.

5. Stone Setting, London Jewellery School. Aka the one that I should do!
Because people like shiny stones in jewellery, and making them stay there is... a challenge!

6. Intermediate Stone Setting. London Jewellery School. Aka, the one I should do next.
So that I can set stones with confidence, and ease (!)

7. Celtic Chasing, Brian Clarke. Aka the themed location workshop
One week in Ireland to play with metals - yes please!

8. Julie Arkell Creature Workshop, Loop. Aka the random one!
Just because this looks like SO much fun. Didn't promise they would all be smithing workshops. Also in order to do it I would need to take something like...

9. Moving on with Knitting, The Sheep Shop. Aka the one where I finally get to grips with knitting something other than a scarf.

10. A jewellery degree! Aka the life changing, dream of committing to learning a skill and obtaining a practical art qualification one. Ok, so this probably stretches most folks definition of 'workshop' somewhat, but it would most definitely be awesome.

Anyone been on any of the above and want to share the love? Or, any fabulous workshops/courses to add?

Ps. Perhaps this post would not have come to light, were it not for UK weather conditions, summer 2012, read...

Oh we all want to be... Hold on! Where is everyone.

happy summer - wherever, whatever the weather :) x

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