Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Sable Silver'd: Sweet Little Bunny Pendant...

It's been quite the couple of weeks at Silversmith HQ with some major ups and downs, of which I will definitely be sharing more soon! But for now, a little tale about how a local market on a bitterly cold day lead to a love of piercework (sawing silver).

I work in central Cambridge and can stroll past beautiful college buildings during my lunch break within seconds. However, having grown up in the area, this all whizzes by unnoticed most days as I dash out for lunch or a last minute chore.

One day when I was taking the time to enjoy my enviable environs I decided to venture into the Cambridge Art and Craft Market. The day was wintry and the stalls were few. Amongst them was a young girl, surely freezing her fingers off, selling a colourful array of jewellery - I had to take a peek.

To my delight I found this little beauty...

Orange and bird themed! Hurray! So, this little friend (I called the bird Nigel) came with me on one of my early jewellery classes at White House Arts. My tutor suggested making a silver version, to learn the piercework technique, which seemed like a good idea, were it not for my compulsion not to plagiarise, copy or pilfer the works of others. I'm very morally upstanding in that way ;)

But, the seed had been sown and I pondered how to make my own little lovely pendant. From birds to... bunnies...

I have a great affection for my bunny, although unlike Nigel, he didn't get named. A number of people asked if this is the work of an excellent local jeweller who specialises in sawing metal - The Hairy Growler. I take this as a great compliment! But do confirm that it's my own, because as you know that's  very important.

Anyone else had a great flash of inspiration when they've taken things more slowly, or when venturing out to a wintry market stall?


  1. Both pieces are excellent! Do you sell what you make? I see no links to the shop.

    The bunny is lovely and I would like to see more pieces. The shape, proportions and expressiveness are excellent. I love this naive style, like from a childrens' book (and I read them all the time ))

    I approve of your compulsion to plagiarise very much, by the way.

  2. Thankyou so much Mulberry Whisper! Great to have some feedback. So pleased you like the bunny.

    I'm not selling yet, but do hope to in the future! It's interesting that you likened the bunny to a children's book, I read a lot and am currently dreaming up some narrative inspired pieces for my new term of evening classes. So, there's something to look forward to! I'll definitely be posting some more pieces in the future and will let everyone know when I start my shop :) Ssx

    1. Can I at least see more pictures of the bunny? )

      I looked up The Hairy Growler and indeed he is awesome. Not all pieces are quite to my liking, but this is only normal. However I have found many that I would like to own. Pity they are quite expensive (but of course they are worth it).

      However The Bunny is quite different and certainly not a replica - has tons of individuality. This silhouette technique is certainly very demanding in terms of proportions and lines - you cannot mask anything here. Oh... I wish I knew how to do it. I would look at Japanese prints and make something for myself.

      I would love to see what you make next. And if you ever make a Malinois pup or a wolf cub please let me know )) I will do my best to persuade you to sell. No, seriously, there are not too many good jewelers around.

  3. Here's one more at least:

    I realize that I don't have any of it in action (eg. being worn) will have to rectify that. Of everything I've made, it's the piece I wear the most.

    Malinois is not a dog breed I'm familiar with! I've just googled them. I grew up with dogs (black labradors) and hope to have one of my own - one day. I have toyed with the idea of dogs in my jewellery but haven't come up with a strong design yet. I'll keep you posted.

  4. So this gorgeous piece is absolutely not for sell? I wish it were this is absolutely perfect. I've been searching and searching for a bunny pendant that I can tie into my children and me, and this just seems like the most perfect piece! Like EVER! if you ever do sell this bad boy please let me know