Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Sable Silver’d: or the printmaking class that never was

Back in ye annals of history… Well no, a couple of years ago, I hit one of those uncomfortable phases. A low, a rut, a downer, a funk if you will. I felt like I was drifting aimlessly. My then wonderful bf, now wonderful husband, kept urging me to do something (!!!) – in a supportive way, you understand. However, being a somewhat obstinate creature I plodded onwards with determination for quite sometime in my funk.

Looking back I’m not sure what it was that did it, but the resolve came for me to venture out into the world once more and try my hand at something creative. The dusky environs of evening classes beckoned and I spotted an evening class just down the road in printmaking. I had tried my hand at the same as part of a City and Guild course in Life Drawing and really enjoyed it. I decided the time for action had come!

I was wrong.

Due to insufficient interest the class was cancelled, my cheque was returned and I was sorely disappointed.

That could so easily have been the end of the story. Return of the funk.

Here’s the good news – it was just the beginning! The beginning of a far superior story. The story of how I became a silversmith…


  1. Wonderful to see your blog up and running - really interesting - looking forward to more.

  2. :) Thanks very much. Looking forward to posting more. Need to do some more workshops too - hint hint. S.S. x