Friday, 28 December 2012

Oh my actual blog!*

Just to silence conspiracy theories surrounding my extended absence...

I hereby confirm that I have not been involved in a tragic smelting accident rendering my fingers incapable of typing/smithing, I have not been caught up in a taxes/expenses/privacy/sex (take your pick) scandal and deported to a secret prison nor have I been chased out of town by an angry pitchfork wielding mob.

So, what has been keeping me from sharing my love of metal-working with people of the internet?

Good question!

And the answer is...


Err, ok, this looks bad. I haven't actually turned to drinking either (honest). But I have been sampling some of the fun colourful and most importantly cooling beverages on a completely amazing 3 week trip to Thailand (& Cambodia).

I'd really like to share highlights from my trip to make up for the stony silence of the past couple of months and to inspire anyone considering travel to Asia, or anyone who has a difficult relationship with travel.

For all you lucky folk who travel with ease and for whom Thailand and Cambodia are regular holiday destinations feel free to sit out the next couple of posts. I have some exciting jewellery plans for the new year and will be back to business in no time ;)

Great to be back! Belated Happy Christmas! Hope you got your Christmas wish :) x

* title inspired by Dora (Dawn French/ A Little Bit Marvellous)

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